Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lewis Elementary Garden Fair in Review

This past Saturday was the first show of the year, Lewis Elementary's Garden Fair. It was a fun combination of a plant sale, a cookout, live music, and a handmade fair.

The weather was spring-perfect, warm and sunny. Unfortunately, this meant that lots of attendees stayed outside with the other attractions enjoying the outdoors, while us vendors waited inside. Not resoundingly successful as far as sales go, but not a total loss: I found a mint plant and two strawberry starts for the garden at a plant booth, and we had great neighbors! They included Jackie of Scrumptious Suds, Molly of Elizabeth Jewelry, Ale of Muluk, and Jennifer of JBoldGlassArt. Meeting new friends and catching up with old favorites. I don't get to see these wonderful people during the off-season, so it was good to hang out with them. 

Plus it was a strategic opportunity to run through my new display (and debut some new items! see the acorn garlands above us in the photo?) before the first big show of the year, Crafty Wonderland's Spring Sale, which happens in two weeks.

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