Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Some thoughts on tragedy

Sometimes it seems like the fabric of the universe gets thin. Things are just rolling along, and then suddenly a rash of unsettling events blindsides us. Yesterday, there were two bombs at the Boston Marathon, a truly tragic event that killed at least 2 people. This news, along with my eye exam that day (yes, not at all serious, but doctor visits of any kind always make me feel so mortal) and stories from my brother about scary fan riots at a Timbers soccer match he was at, combined to create a feeling of human vulnerability.

We may mourn or complain or curl up under blankets. And yet, the next day, we get up and get to work again. No one knows how long things will last, and yet so many of us continue to build good things– like the strong people of the city of Boston going about their lives today, as well as those of us who are simply planting gardens and apple trees.

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