Sunday, April 7, 2013

What I'm Reading: A Householder's Guide to the Universe

I picked up this book last year at Powell's, and it's been waiting on the shelf since then. I knew that it would be exactly what I needed someday... but it had ended up being more of a premature purchase than I'd like to admit. It's all about "house-holding:" canning, cleaning, and gardening, among other things, and most of it seems to fit better in the lives of those who have actual houses, not so much those of us who live in apartments or single rooms. And though I do understand that you can incorporate those things into your life no matter what your situation, it's so much more fulfilling to have the actual space to use them in.

But, this month Erik moved into an actual house! It's a little rented place in East Vancouver, so far out that its neighbors could better be described as farms than suburban homes. It's small and old and humble and wonderful. And I finally have a context to practice the ideas in the book I've been saving! We plan to make a garden, and to can the apples from the many trees on the property. A real house is so different from an apartment, and I'm really looking forward to learning the ways of house-holders.

One more note: It's written by Harriet Fasenfest, a Portlander – so I can be sure that the seasonal tips are appropriate for our area!

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