About Me

About Me:
I’m Alison Comfort Bay, the maker behind House of Moss. 27 years old and always making something, I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I'm interested in Kerouac, foreign films, vegetarian cooking, Wikipedia, natural fibers, imperfect tattoos, and creating a good handmade life. I love getting feedback and comments, so feel free!

Up there in the picture with me, that's my Erik. He helps out at shows and with general encouragement and adventurings.

About House of Moss:
My aesthetic is very much shaped by the beautiful Pacific Northwest surroundings here in the Portland (Oregon) area: Our damp climate creates a gorgeous forest environment, full of moss, trees, and mushrooms. I was exposed to Waldorf education during the year I spent as a nanny, and the Waldorf sensibilities of natural materials and simplicity have stayed with me in my work. Add to that my lifelong love of tiny things, and you get House of Moss: a miniature world of woodland-themed felted wool.

I'm very interested in creating a beautiful handmade life. Starting my own business as part of the handmade movement embodies my values as a member of a world awakening to ideas of a new way of living. I think that people are beginning to be more interested in transforming our economic culture, rather than seceding from it. For me, it's a step towards independence from working for "The Man" and it allows me to create a life based on local, sustainable, human-scale activities.

House of Moss can be found in these places:
• Online shops on Etsy, Square Market, and Storenvy
• On Facebook
• At many local boutiques,
• And at craft fairs throughout the year.


  1. Alison, I'm an on and off needle felter myself and your work has inspired me. So cute and imaginative. I look forward to following you and your art.
    Sonja in San Diego

  2. Thank you, Sonja! That means a lot to me!

  3. What sweet little acorns! I love your shop and your photography is so cozy and natural.

  4. Thanks, Twisted! The photography has definitely been an ongoing learning process! ;)


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