Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Planting the garden!

Over the weekend, we planted the long-awaited garden! It's absolutely huge. This is because when we asked the neighbor if we could borrow his tiller, he brought over a tractor with a tiller attachment! It's a shared backyard, and the neighbor is the one who mows it... so I can see his point in turning a whole bunch of it into a garden instead. He was about to make it even bigger than this, but we thought that 12'x45' was big enough. :)

We planted china peas, asparagus beans, pinto beans, purple beans, lemon cucumbers, regular cucumbers, white & orange pumpkins, and zucchini! We figure that even if even not all of them make it, we'll still have plenty. There's a wild rabbit who lives at the farm, so hopefully there will be too much for him to eat, and we'll get some of the harvest too. Probably even too much!

I'll keep you posted! Seedlings are just so cute and photogenic, so there will probably be many photos of them as they grow. In the meantime, you can check out this post from a while back when I was just planning & anticipating the garden.

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