Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project: Mason Jar Straw Cups

Here's another eco-friendly project that I love! I recently came across this tutorial for mason jar cups that hold straws, and knew I had to make one for myself. It turned out wonderfully, and I thought I'd share mine here.

What you need: A mason jar (mine is a regular-mouth 16-oz jar), a rubber grommet (9/32"), and a drill with a bit slightly larger than the hole in your rubber grommet.
(a grommet like this) I found mine at Home Depot for 97 cents or something.

Drill a hole in the lid. I found that it works well to keep the lid on the jar, and hold the jar between my feet so I could use my hands to stabilize and put force behind the drill.

The hole will look like this. If it's too jagged, you can trim off the shavings with metal cutters. Work the rubber grommet into the hole (takes some smooshing).

Now just wash it well to get rid of all the little metal shavings, add a straw, and you're done!

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