Sunday, May 12, 2013

We make Portland awesome: Ready Maker Design

"We make Portland awesome" is a bi-weekly series. I’m interested building our community of artists by helping us all find out more about each other.
This week: Jaclyn of Ready Maker Design

Who are you? What do you make?
My name is Jaclyn Hudak and I make hand drawn wedding invitations, personalized stamps, and hand drawn gifts. I also work as a graphic designer for small businesses and nonprofits through my company Ready Maker Design ( I've always enjoyed making things, but it wasn't until I was asked to do a few wedding invitations that I found out I have a unique hand drawn style that I love to create. As a graphic designer, Etsy was the perfect platform to create a little shop for my wedding invitations, paper goods, and gifts.

Besides making things, what do you do?
I enjoy sewing in my spare time, but I’m just learning so I’m not very good at it yet. I also just started a second Etsy shop called HuzzArtShop, where I sell my photographs that I make with alternative process like cyanotype (the same process that was used to make blueprints). I love making them because instead of using a camera, I can use negatives and stencils to create fun shapes and crazy prints. (

What inspires you?
I’m most inspired by the couples that will be using my invitations. I love imagining how their weddings will look and how happy the celebration will be.

Where can your work be found?
Currently my work is only online at Etsy, I think it’s a wonderful platform and makes managing orders so easy.

What do you love about Portland?
I think Portland is special because it’s a small “big” city. It’s small enough that you can feel at home, but large enough that there’s always something new to explore. My favorite aspects are the food trucks scattered throughout the city, how you can get around the city easily with out a car, and the music scene. I also love how beautiful it is in spring when all of the flowers are blooming.

Make sure you check out Ready Maker Design's Etsy shop and website
Thanks for sharing, Jaclyn!  

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