Monday, May 6, 2013

What's New: Cube Packaging

 Finally, my new 2" cube packaging has arrived! These are for my small items like seedlings, mushrooms in bottlecaps, and sheep in bottlecaps. They'll provide even more cuteness, as well as simply protecting these delicate items. See how each one is a little "habitat" for the item?

 I also added some sweet little sayings to some of them, so that they can be given as gifts or in place as cards. Who wouldn't love a little "I Love Ewe" felted sheep?

Special thanks to my dad, Michael Comfort, for his ingenious design on these. He's a superb graphic designer, and I'm so lucky that I have someone nearby who can make my rough designs into the printed products that I'd imagined!

These cubes will be used for local boutiques and shows. Online sales will still be packaged in a reusable kraft box, unless you request this packaging specifically, as they're not quite strong enough to withstand the Post Office's handling. :)

I'll be rolling these out at the Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Spring Sale this Saturday, so stop by and see them in person!


  1. These are remarkably delightful!

  2. Thank you, wonderful Austin!

  3. Thank you, Alison! These are looking SO good! It was fun working with you on this new item!

  4. So cute! Good luck this weekend at Crafty Wonderland!


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