Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Garden Update 9/3/13

Somehow we find ourselves in September already! It's been interesting having a garden this year because it has made me really be present to the season. Each different vegetable has its growing time and its harvest, and charting the changes week-to-week has made me more aware and appreciative of the natural world.

At the moment, now is the time for lemon cucumbers! There exponentially more every day, and luckily they are one of my favorite vegetables. I made this Thai cucumber salad last week to use some of them up. The 2nd & 3rd photos above are of the mutant lemon cucumber vine. It's like 6 vines stuck together, and at the end is a huge ball of flowers/buds/cucumbers, all growing from the same spot!

The purple beans are pretty much done by now, and the zucchini are slowly winding down as well. The pumpkin is slowly growing, and I keep hoping to see more appearing at the ends of the vines. The beautiful speckly pinto beans are beginning to dry, and the marigolds have finally bloomed after growing 3x taller than I've ever seen marigolds grow!

We borrowed my parents' fruit dehydrator and preserved many of the pears and plums from the property.

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