Thursday, January 31, 2013

The end of January

January is a month to regroup, to take stock and recharge. I spent the time rather frantically rebuilding my inventory after the holidays.

But as February rolls around, my thoughts are turning to newness, expansion, and goals. I'm the sort of person who works best when the house is clean and the to-do list is checked off, so it makes sense that as I get on top of things again, my inspiration accelerates. This seems well-timed in the dark damp part of the year; keeping busy, with hope in my eyes, is a great way to shake off winter blues!

I set some high goals for House of Moss at the beginning of the year ("goals" instead of "resolutions" for my business), and I can already see their forms emerging in a cloud of strategies and steps. Keep your eyes open around here– it's going to be great! ...and a lot of hard work. :)

How does the onset of February feel for you this year?

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