Friday, February 10, 2012

Hipstamatic tutorial: How to make needle-felted hearts, a Valentine's Day project

What you need: a felting needle (I use a 36-gauge triangle), a felting pad, a little puff of wool, and, if you want, a multi-needle tool.

Using the single felting needle or the multi-needle tool, punch the wool into a sort of flattened rounded-triangle shape.
Fold in one of the sides of your wool shape just a bit to form a flat side, and tack it down using the single felting needle. Fold in an adjacent side at about a right angle, and poke it until your new shape begins to felt together. This will be the tip at the bottom of the heart.

At the top of the heart, poke the space between the remaining original corners of your flattened wool puff, to make the dip at the top. Shape the rounded parts, too, by poking any place that seems to be sticking out too far, until your heart shape looks the way you want it to.

And there you go! A sweet little heart you can give to your dear ones as a reminder that they are loved.

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