Wednesday, February 22, 2012


About a year ago, when I decided to really get serious about my handmade business, I began listening to a podcast called CraftSanity. Almost every single morning (really!) I listened to at least part of an episode. The CraftSanity podcast is an interview show by the amazing Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, where she talks with crafters and makers of all sorts about their creativity, creative businesses, life stories, and philosophy on making things. It's truly inspirational and wonderful to listen to, and by now I feel like she is both a virtual dear friend and somewhat of a celebrity!

Well, after 14 months of listening, I was finally caught up on all the past episodes, and my business is in a position to give back a little. I told myself that since it had been such a help while I was growing my business, House of Moss would sponsor an episode when I had caught up, both as a thank-you to Jennifer for all her work and a small gesture of support for her own handmade business, and in the hope that she would keep making more episodes. ;)

So! The news is that House of Moss is mentioned as a sponsor on the current new episode of CraftSanity! Seriously one of the biggest thrills yet in my journey with this business.

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