Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lately (because you deserve to know why I have been so quiet)

It's because I am drowning in acorns. And spending entire days watching Arrested Development. Let me explain...

Last week, I was surprised by the biggest order in House of Moss's history so far. An order of 2600 acorns, destined for the display windows of a chain of 20 clothing stores in Tennessee. Hooray!

This order came with a very tight deadline, one in which I must spend over 2 weeks straight making more per day, every day, than I've ever counted as a full day's work. But I do love a challenge, and having my items as window displays has been a dream for me. And since over the years I've acquired decent hand-eye coordination with my sharp felting needle, I can at least spend the time entertained by one family's hilarious shenanigans.

So please understand my absenteeism from the internet world. I'm just over here wearing out the tendons in my hands and dreaming of piles and piles of acorns.

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