Monday, July 30, 2012

What I'm reading: Grow Your Handmade Business, by Kari Chapin

Happy Monday, friends! I bought this book at Powell's two days after it was released. Having bought Kari Chapin's other handmade business book The Handmade Marketplace last year, I stalked this new one on the internet to get it as soon as I could! I've been happily working my way through it since then. It's very engaging and pleasant to read, as well as being packed full of business tips and motivational blurbs from "big-name" makers and handmade business owners. If you need a friendly kick in the pants this week to get your business to the next level, this book is totally worth it.


  1. Yes!! Thanks for posting - totally going to check it out. Awesome. I just got 'I'd Rather Be In The Studio' too - and will add this one to my reading collection. :o)

  2. Alisa– that one looks good too! Thanks for sharing its name here! :)


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