Friday, August 8, 2014

My Business Tips Show Up on Create & Thrive!

I subscribe to the Create & Thrive creative business emails by Jess Van Den. Jess is an Australian jewelry designer who puts together helpful material for other creative business owners. While I'm outgrowing the Etsy blog's similar help posts, Create & Thrive continues to offer consistently helpful content, and they've helped me sharpen my business skills.

Anyway, a while back I commented on a post that asked readers to share the tips they wish someone would have told them when they were first starting out. A few weeks later, I see my name in this super helpful compilation of tips for new sellers! It's fun to see my name in print, and I hope the tips encourage other creative business owners! (Seriously, if you're a business owner, read through THE POST. So much good stuff there from all the people who contributed tips!)


  1. To be featured in some reputable blogs is really heartwarming! I could only imagine your joy when you received the notification mail. Well, it’s not surprising that your tips and advices were included in the compilation. They are very helpful for business owners and those who are deciding to venture into one. All the best!

    Marta Terry @ Canyon Marketing

  2. I agree with Marta. Your tips are quite meaningful, and should not be ignored. They are simple, and very much direct to the point. They also highlight common issues that every business owner may encounter along the way. At the very least, your tips can help them anticipate such problems, so they can think of solutions that fit their resources beforehand. Thanks for sharing!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match


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