Saturday, August 30, 2014

1 Year Self-Employed & 4 Years in Business: What I've Learned

These anniversaries completely snuck up on me this year. They both fell within a week of my wedding, which was August 18th, so I was a little frantic yesterday when they came to mind for the first time after blowing right past them in all the wedding madness. So, in what is apparently typical 2014 fashion (ahem, 2013-End-of-the-Year-Recap posted on January 6th), I post this late.

House of Moss was created 4 years ago, when I signed up for Etsy on August 19th, 2010. It was almost exactly 3 years later (August 16th, 2013) when I quit my day job to pursue it as my full-time career! When I started my Etsy shop, I had no idea it would ever be more than a self-sustaining hobby, but by taking each new step as it came, my business grew into what it is today.

I'm not a business genius, and although I've learned a lot over the past 4 years, I know there is still more to learn. But the one thing I know will guide me, in business and in life, is this: Follow the light. Wherever is brightest, most joyful, most fitting. Whatever is working. Even if it's in the distance, orient yourself toward the brightest spot. Keep your face toward it, and just like real light, you will benefit from its bright, sustaining warmth even before you get to the thing itself.

Thanks for following along with the progress of my business, friends! You are a big part of what makes this endeavor so enjoyable and fulfilling.

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