Thursday, April 3, 2014

New in the shop: Chicken Ornaments!

Back by popular demand (they sold out during holiday shows before I could even post them on Etsy), my chicken ornaments are up in the shop! I can hear you thinking, "Um, ornaments? Aren't you a bit early posting Christmas decor in April?" Well, in that sense you are right. But a lot of people decorate Easter trees with ornaments, and these little hens are perfect for mini-trees or for hanging in windows to celebrate spring!

And since I was on that track of thinking, I went ahead and expanded my color offerings for my amanita mushroom ornaments as well. For the previous holiday seasons, I only offered them in classic Red. But now there are also Black Cherry Red, Saffron Yellow, and Mint Green, which would all look good on your spring Easter tree too. ;) Stay tuned for even more colors as the year rolls along!

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