Friday, August 2, 2013

Garden Update 8/2/13

Our garden finally has food in it! Today I harvested peas and beans. Pounds of peas and beans. The neighbors watered our garden while we were in San Francisco, and although we had invited them to pick and eat anything ripe, I don't think they took any at all. So there were so many china peas that the plants were pulling over their trellis! Picking peas is so funny, because no matter how many times you double-check the plants for any more ripe ones, you will always find just one more hidden among the vines.

The gourds and pumpkins are doing well too. There are several zucchini nearly ready to pick, though only one of them is touching the ground. They're all somehow suspended above the dirt by their vines; it's very weird. There is one white pumpkin, a couple of mini-cucumbers, and lots of blooms letting us know that there will be more to pick in the next few weeks!

Oh also: the mystery gourd has shown us its identity! It's grown some sort of hybrid white zucchini-gourd. Hooray!

In other news: The neighbors ran over our transplanted rose bush with the lawn mower. It had two rosebuds on it. It's not completely destroyed, but we might have to wait until next year to see its blooms after it grows back. That rose bush has had a tough life! We transplanted it from the gravelly area right next to where the trash & recycling sit near the porch, where it was not able to thrive, and it took the shock badly. It had just regained its strength and grown new leaves before it was chopped down this week. Oh well. Rose bushes need lots of pruning, right? :)

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