Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Renegade Craft Fair Summer 2013 in Review

Thank you, San Francisco! Renegade Craft Fair was a resounding success. It was my first experience with Renegade, and I'm won over.

We spent Saturday and Sunday inside the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion with 250+ other makers, as well as hordes of handmade-appreciating shoppers.

This was my first experience with a U-shaped booth. Usually I go for a single table at the front of the booth, but since we were sharing a spot this time (with the best booth-mates ever: Laura and Julian of Yes & Yes Designs!), we improvised this shape at the last minute. I had brought only minimal display pieces because of my tiny car, but we used what we had and it worked out wonderfully!

It was a goal of mine for House of Moss this year to do an out-of-state show. It turns out, getting a temporary California seller's permit to collect and submit sales tax sounds a lot more complicated and intimidating than it ends up being.

Erik and I also stretched the trip out by a couple of days so we could explore the city. I'll post some of our tourist pictures soon.

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