Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Garden Update 7/17/13

The garden is growing well, especially now that the midsummer heat is constant. We water it every day, and we are starting to see the fruits vegetables of our labor. We ate our first two china peas, and tiny beans are starting to appear on the purple bean plants! The mystery squash is about to bloom, so maybe we'll find out soon what it is.

The only row not thriving is the asparagus ("yard-long") beans. They're not dying, but they are so far behind in growth compared with the others. Not sure why, but we're not going to give up on them! :)

We are (I mean, Erik is) almost done with chopping out the weeds in the mounds section that grew up before we could put newspaper and straw down. It's a little-by-little project because it's backbreaking work to chop them out inch by inch with a hoe, but hopefully we'll finish it this coming weekend. Lesson learned for next year!

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