Sunday, June 3, 2012

We make Portland awesome: Betty Turbo

"We make Portland awesome" is a weekly series. I’m interested building our community of artists by helping us all find out more about each other.
This week: Agnes of Betty Turbo

Who are you?
I'm Agnes, also known as Betty Turbo, a nerdy, tattooed wrestling fan and dessert expert, trying to bring you as much goofiness as possible from my very tiny (but chock full of radness) hot pink studio in Corvallis.

What do you make?
I make drawings and deliver them to you as art prints, greeting cards, plush toys, tea towels, and limited edition wearable items.

Besides making things, what do you do?
Sorry, what? I'm supposed to do something else?! In all truth, "making stuff" is pretty much my entire life. I stop for a popsicle or a dance party from time to time, but making art and being crafty is what I love and spend most hours of the day on. I do love cooking and baking, riding my bike everywhere (yay Oregon!), and running. But running for hours and hours is really my mental time-out to plan out art projects in my head, so I think it's all ultimately part of my creative process.

What inspires you?
ICE CREAM. Dessert. Okay, food in general. Wrestling, muscles, geeky tv shows, outer space, wild animals, words and typography. I am never short on inspiration. I want to squeeze all the juicy bits out of every day.

Where can your work be found?
In Portland, my work can be found at Powell's, Tender Loving Empire, Mag-BIg, Icon Tattoo, and ZimZim. I also sell at about a dozen other shops across the country. My Etsy shop is always the biggest selection of my current work, but I also show in galleries, and enjoy debuting new products in person at craft shows like Portland's super fabulous Crafty Wonderland sales.

What do you love about Portland?
FOOD TRUCKS. Crepes in the middle of the night. Portland is such a jackpot for vegetarian food, too! Prior to moving to Oregon, I had been living in Tennessee for several years, where most vegetables were either deep fried or cooked to mush with a ham hock. I am constantly in awe of Portland's food offerings. I like that it is big enough to have lots going on, but still small enough that you can easily connect with other art weirdos and find the funky places where you fit just right. SO many awesome artists and creators, and a great support community of art fans and people who are eager to support creativity and small businesses. Also, how rad is Powell's? I would like to build a tiny fort in the stacks and live there forever.

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