Sunday, March 4, 2012

We make Portland awesome: Prunella Soap

"We make Portland awesome" is a weekly series. I’m interested building our community of artists by helping us all find out more about each other.
This week: Prunella Soap

Who are you?
My name is Janell and I've lived in Portland for just over 10 years. I've lived in Oregon all of my life except for a brief two-year stay in Boston after college.

What do you make?
I have been making soap since the summer of 2010. I also have a line of greeting cards ( that I started in 2010 as well.

Besides making things, what do you do?
Explore new spots around Portland, visit my family in Silverton, learn more about photography and think about what I want my businesses to accomplish in the short and long term.
What inspires you?
I love modern architecture and furniture design, all things European (especially Italian and Scandinavian) and "slow food" - cooking with simple, organic and local ingredients.

Where can your work be found?
In two Portland shops, Tender Loving Empire and Betsy & Iya

What do you love about Portland?
I really love all the different neighborhoods in Portland, that many people are living consciously and considering how their consumer and lifestyle decisions impact the earth.

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