Thursday, July 9, 2015

500 Items in the Shop

Hello friends! Wow, it has been a super long time since I wrote here on the blog!

Not to worry, though; the main reason is that I've been using Instagram a lot more for my updates & behind-the-scenes pics. :) It's just so much quicker, and for some reason Instagram takes away the pressure to write a lot with each post. I plan to keep the blog, of course, but please feel free to come join up with @houseofmossshop on Instagram!

Aside from that, I've been keeping busy building up my inventory and adding new brick-and-mortar stockists and building up inventory before the holidays hit!

Speaking of inventory, I'm proud to announce that my Etsy shop currently has its highest total number of listings! There are a full 500 items available in the shop. So stop by and check out the largest selection I've ever had, from classic bestsellers like felted wool acorns + hearts, to newer things like color sorting sets in wooden bowls, terrarium necklaces, and macrame plant ornaments in the photo above!


  1. Impressive. That's a formidable stockpile of amazing products. Etsy seems to be working well for you as a business platform, seeing how it allows you to put up a lot of your inventory at once for all to see. And it was a brilliant move to post your stuff on Instragram, as that is the best avenue to post visually-appealing products nowadays. Keep it up, Alison!

    Alex Anderson @ Business Marketing Toolbox


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