Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Business + Wedding Meet: Our Handmade Ring Box

I haven't mentioned my upcoming wedding since my announcement post about our engagement. I could tell you that I'm trying to keep wedding planning and House of Moss somewhat separate, as they both threaten to take over my life and together they would be unstoppable!!

Just kidding. I've simply been too busy to write blog posts about everything, that's all. :)

If you know me at all, you might be thinking I would be planning a woodland/rustic wedding. That's what I spend all day designing and making, anyway! Well... you would be wrong. I love so many styles that it has actually been an exercise in restraint to not mix different aesthetics into House of Moss over the years. I have to try very hard to keep it focused on my shop motto of "Handmade Woodland Decor for the Natural Home."

So, for my wedding, I finally get a chance to completely immerse myself in two of my other aesthetic loves: Art Deco and Japanese styling! SO excited about this. Art Deco has been one of my favorite design eras for about a decade now, and Erik's half-Japanese heritage provides us with a lot of material as well. They dovetail nicely, as they share some of the same motifs and lines, the scallop pattern, shown above on our box, being one of them.

We're DIYing as much as we can for our wedding. Pinterest is awesome for this. After spending literally hours on Pinterest trying to find the perfect ring bearer pillow/box idea, I found... nothing I liked.

[You would not believe how much rustic/woodland wedding stuff there is out there right now! From my Pinterest search, I am convinced that 80% of weddings are currently that theme.]

And leave it to me to not want to do what is currently popular. ;) So we designed our own ring box. We chose a box instead of a pillow because our ring bearer will be a little boy of not-quite-two in August, and we wanted our rings to be somewhat more protected.

Erik and I sat down one Saturday and collaborated on the design of our ring box. I chose the colors and the box, and E suggested the stamp and the embossing powder. It turned out looking so sharp!

Then we had the problem of the "pillow" part inside. After considering foam, fabric, ribbons, and some other ideas, I finally realized that I actually make my living, full-time, creating felt things... like the perfect solution to this problem. HA! How did I not think of that at the beginning?! So we ended up with a light teal felt cushion inside, which matches nicely to the emerald stone of my engagement ring. And the gold shell clasp is reminiscent of the actual shell ring box that Erik made for the proposal!

So there it is! Our Art Deco/Japanese custom ring bearer box with a handmade felt cushion. It's fun to share these little projects. Thanks for reading!

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